Compatible with: iOS 11.0 ~ iOS 12.2

Last Updated: 2019-08-12 23:29:10

Downloads: 1016

FCXII is A12 compatible, and works on all devices from iOS 11-12.2. An all-in-one folder customizer with nearly endless options.
Choice of full page, normal or full-width folders.
Open folder opacity slider
Choice of normal tint, solid custom color, or 3 color gradient, of any opacity.
Choice of 7 gradient styles, or a random style each time folder opens.
Custom colored border and thickness.
Custom number of rows and columns in folder, with custom insets. This feature is not compatible with Boxy3, but is off by default. It is compatible with ReformX, Gridiculous and IconSlide (in my beta repo-link in package settings).
Open folder FX of dark background, blur removal, or normal blur.
Tap anywhere to close, pinch to close, and auto-close folders when app opens.
Show status bar in open folders. 
Multi-icon select of folders and normal icons(quickly re-arrange entire pages of homescreen).
Keep empty folders (useful for icon arrangements and taking screenshots of full page open folder gradients to use as wallpaper.)
Custom corner radius for open and closed folders.
Custom white and color opacity for icons based on wallpaper background.
Custom colored icons, with alpha slider to make color as transparent or solid as desired.
Custom icon border color and thickness.
Option to hide the mini-grid on icons.
Option to color over themed images, or just add a border.

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