Compatible with: iOS 12.0 ~ iOS 12.4

Last Updated: 2019-09-18 23:45:38

Downloads: 2760

Enhance your 3D touch menu !!

Add powerful custom options to your 3D Touch menu:

  • Clear Badge - Clear the badges for the app, don't worry they come back if you close and reopen the app or receive a new notification.
  • Clear Cache - Clear the app's caches freeing up space.
  • Uninstall App - Uninstall the app right from the 3D menu.(requests confirmation first)
  • Banners - Enable/Disable banners ONLY from the 3D menu. (Notice: When changed it will reload springboard using sbreload)
  • Notifications - Enable/disable notifications from the 3D menu (Notice: When changed it will reload springboard using sbreload)
  • App Lock - Lock the app, when enabled opening the app from anywhere will require authentication. It will be inaccessible from spotlight and all other 3D touch options will be disabled(other than 3DTools options). It is also blurred in the switcher. To disable the lock will also require authentication.

It has a few extra options as well,

  • Disable Badges Systemwide - Disable badges everywhere all the time.
  • Hide Widgets in 3D Menus - Hide the widgets in the 3D menu, like the one for the Phone app.
  • Hide Share in 3D Menus - Hide the share option in the 3D menus

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